Welcome to our website discussing all things DIY. There seems to be many websites online that delve deep into the various aspects of trades and skills required when working on property, but none that give a broader view on the processes involved and an insight so that we can decide if it is a skill that we might like to try ourselves, or if we would rather hand over the cash and employ a professional.do-it-yourself

From the outside, many of the jobs we encounter in home repair and maintenance can seem daunting, but when you look a little deeper there are many similarities and small skills that you may already have, and with just a little research on youtube or google you may find that you can do it yourself and save a little dough!

When all is said and done, if you find that it is something that you can’t do, or if you are not completely satisfied with the result, you can always call in a pro anyway, and you will have learnt something along the way.

Most of the time a DIY project will save you money, obviously there are exceptions, but as long as you don’t know down an supporting wall and have to rebuild the house chances are your home grown efforts will save you some change.

It is also extremely fulfilling to learn something new, and it brings an overwhelming sense of pride. You will also probably meet new people as you start to learn new skills and ask for advice, and who knows where it might lead. You could find that you have unearthed a hidden talent, and you can turn your new found skills into an income, one that you can enjoy and possibly do from home.NEWLOGO2012 copy

It could maybe even turn into a profitable and enjoyable sideline, which at the same time could give you some security if your full time work is in something of a downturn.

This new skill can also be a great interest in retirement, bringing you enjoyment, income and satisfaction along the way.

So here it is, a website for people interested in DIY, we will be covering topics along the way, and offering some insights into some of the home improvement jobs that you might want to try for yourself.