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outdoor tap

Fit your own outside tap

Outdoors taps are required if you utilize a garden hose to water the garden, use a sprinkler, watering system or possibly just a pressure washer to clean the outdoor patio location or automobile.

If you have not presently got one you may be believing that it is going to cost a lot of money to call a plumbing professional in to do it.. If you are confident enough you must be able to fit an outside tap yourself by buying an outside tap kit, which you should be able to locate at many hardware shops.

In this post we will certainly show you a simple method to fit an outdoors tap, and at the end there is a video that you should follow along to. Much like all plumbing jobs, if you are uncertain, then employ a professional who will quickly finish the job for you. The last thing you want is to end up ankle deep in water.

You will need your tap kit and a basic tool kit to proceed

Establishing the supply of water
To establish the supply of water you need to connect to a cold water pipe. This is done with a self cutting isolator tap which will cut into the copper pipeline. You need to clean the pipe, remove any paint with a scraper or knife in the area you are going to establish the isolator tap.

Take the isolator tap from the clamp and link the clamp to the copper pipeline in the area you desire the tap to be. Make certain that the clamp seal washer is appropriately in place prior to tightening up the clamp to the copper pipe in order to get a good seal.

With the clamp now in location, take the self cutting isolator tap and position it into the clamp hole ensuring the isolator tap is turned off, be careful not to cross thread the tap, screw the isolator tap clockwise up till the cutter has really cut a hole into the copper pipeline.

When the isolator tap has fully cut a hole into the pipe you need to secure the tap by tightening the back nut onto the clamp. You need to inspect the isolator tap now by turning it on, run the water in a pail, the turn the isolator tap off again.

You need to now connect the flexible hose to the isolator tap if you are now positive that the tap is fitted properly and works well.

Drill a 16mm hole through the wall if you are having an external tap, unless your new tap is to be installed in somewhere such as your garage, in which case you can ignore this part..

Now drill the hole and thread the flexy pipe through and out the other side.

Establishing the outdoors/ garden tap.
You need to then set up the tap when you have the supply of water sorted.

Take the support plate, the water inlet and the tap and cover some PTFE (thread tape) around the threads to ensure a leak-proof seal.

Wrap the PTFE tape around the thread a number of times of both the inlet and the tap. Screw the tap to the wall bracket and tighten using a the appropriate spanner.

Now select where you desire the tap to fixed to the wall, mark the holes using the support plate and drill and rawl plug the holes, then screw the support plate onto the wall.

You now need to cut the supply of pipe to the right length, you must cut it with a sharp knife, when this is done you must push the pipeline onto the water inlet on the support plate, then tighten and fix with a jubilee or hose clip.

Next you must screw the support plate to the wall, and tighten up everything with your adjustable spanner.

Switch on the isolator tap to make it possible for water to flow down the supply of water hose and to the outdoors tap, open the tap and there you have it.

Well done! You have fitted your own outdoor tap.

Watch this video for more tips.