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Carpet Cleaning

How to Clean Your Homes Carpets Yourself.
Having a rug or carpet on your floors at home has many benefits, including helping to keep your home warm and insulated, as well as looking plush and comfortable, however over time daily use and spills will begin to take its toll.

By learning how to clean your carpets yourself, using a home cleaning system will help to extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking clean for longer.

Test to see if your carpet is colorfast.
A carpet that is colour fast will not lose its colour during cleaning or stain removal, and will not fade. So the cleaning method or product that you decide to use will be determined by whether or not your carpet is colourfast.

Obtain a scrap piece of the carpet, or locate a spot that is not normally seen, such is in a closet or under furniture.  Apply stain remover in a small area to check that there are no problems.

Remember to take care of any painting or decorating that needs to be done before starting to clean your carpets, otherwise you may just regret it later!

The Carpet Cleaning Process.

First clean the carpet well with a vacuum cleaner. Hire a carpet cleaner from a local DIY store. It is important when using a wet extraction machine to remove as much moisture as possible with the wet dry vac as possible so that the carpet can dry within that day. This reduces any chance of mold growth in the carpet or underlay,

Buying your own carpet cleaning machine.
This could be a good option if you think you will be cleaning your carpets on a regular basis, for instance if you have a lot of high traffic areas, pets or children. It is worth remembering however that any unit you buy for home use will not give the same results as a profeshome carpet cleaningsional machine and operator will bring.

Carpet Cleaner Rentals.
It could be a good idea for you to rent a professional machine from your local DIY store because of the greater power and ease of use. However the cost of the rental and the price of buying the spot removal chemicals, shampoo etc, regular rental costs can soon add up. However if you carpets stay pretty clean most of the time, maybe you don’t have small children or pets, then this may well be more cost effective than buying your own machine.

Steam or Water Extraction Machines.
The majority of home use machines are steam cleaning systems or water extraction machines. They clean by laying a cleaning solution in hot water or steam onto the pile of the carpet, and the sucks the dirty water back into a holding tank on the machine. Some machines require that they have a connection to a clean water supply.

Always be sure not to over wet your carpets when using this type of machine. You risk the problems of mold and odour, shrinkage and damage if you use too much water or steam.

Cleaning by Dry Extraction
Dry extraction is another type of cleaning available. A dry and absorbent powder is first spread over the carpet that you wish to clean, and then the area is vacuumed with the cleaning machine. This system usually gives extremely good results, however the machinery and chemicals are generally more expensive that a steam or water extraction system.

Hiring a Professional.
If you decide to go down this route, you will be able to choose whether to use the dry or wet methods as described above. Whichever method you choose, any professional company will bring new life to your old and stained carpets. A professional is also a better bet when trying to recover from a flood or water damage in your home.

Apart from the power of the professional equipment and chemicals, you are also benefitting from the experience of the operator. Just be sure to shop around to get a good service at a good price. Try searching on google for carpet cleaners close to your home. You will soon find a  reputable carpet cleaning businesses to call.

Whether you choose to rent a machine and do the work yourself, or hire a machine from your local hire centre, or maybe call in a professional, regular cleaning if the carpets in your home is one of the best things you can do to keep your home looking the best it can be.

Watch this video below for some top DIY carpet cleaning tips.